8 Reasons Why Strip False Eyelashes Trump Eyelash Extensions

The world of fake eyelashes can be a confusing one. The best eyelashes seem to change with every passing trend and it can be difficult to know which type would be best for you.

As huge fans of strip eyelashes we’ve created our guide, giving you eight reasons why they’re better than eyelash extensions.

From saving time to saving money - strip eyelashes are the better option!

1. Salon Saving Time

Eyelash extensions have to be applied one at a time making it a tedious and time consuming process. In contrast, strip eyelashes are easily applied in one go making them much faster and directly shaving time off your beauty regime.

2. No-one Likes a Wonky Eyelash

uneven eyelashes

Eyelash extensions often mean an expensive trip to the beauty salon for professional application – unless you’re highly skilled enough to be able to avoid uneven or wonky lashes. Strip eyelashes only have to be stuck on once so there isn’t much room for error.

3. Cut Down Your Internet Search Time

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It can be tricky getting hold of eyelash extensions as they’re not something you can easily find at your local department store. Strip eyelashes are easily available – saving you time, money and effort!

Here at Dollbaby London we have a wide range of strip eyelashes from cruelty-free mink, through to silk and human hair eyelashes.

4. Individual Eyelash Extensions are Expensive!

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We’ve already discovered that eyelash extensions are difficult to get hold of, and usually require an expensive trip to the salon for application. That naturally makes them the expensive option. Strip eyelashes are reasonably priced in comparison, and easy to apply at home. Win-win situation, we’d say!

5. Change your fake eyelashes to suit your look

dollbaby london false eyelashes

Eyelash extensions can’t be changed easily as they’re designed to be semi permanent – meaning you have to choose which look you want for the next few weeks! As strip eyelashes are removed at the end of each day, you can have a variety to suit each individual look you want to achieve.

Strip eyelashes also allow you to sleep comfortably each night without worrying about crushing your eyelash extensions while you're sleeping!

6. Strip Eyelashes are the Greener Option

eco friendly eyelashes

Just like eyelash extensions can’t be changed easily, they can’t be re-used either. Strip eyelashes can be used more than once – up to 30 times dependent on the material and how well they’re taken care of. If that’s not enough, mink eyelashes are made from the naturally shed hairs of black mink, making them cruelty free which is a priority for us here at Dollbaby London

7. Protect Your Own Eyelashes

botched eyelash extensions

The glue used during eyelash extension application is very strong and can pull out your natural eyelashes when it comes to removing them. No one enjoys the bald look so go for the safer option – strip eyelashes. Not only are they safer to use, in the case of mink eyelashes they’re hypoallergenic too.

8. Removing Eyelash Extensions Often Means Return Trips to the Salon

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As if one expensive and time consuming visit to the salon wasn’t enough, the need for eyelash extension removal with a special gel remover often means a return visit. Strip eyelashes are easy to remove at the end of each night – what could be better than that?

* * * *

We think it’s obvious why strip eyelashes are the better option, and we’d love to hear your experiences so feel free to comment below!

Make sure you check out www.dollbabylondon.uk to see our range of cruelty free mink eyelashes, human hair eyelashes and silk eyelashes. Whether you want something chic, sexy, bridal, glam, bold or natural; guaranteed we have something for you!

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