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After-Wear Care

Dollbaby London advice on how to remove your lashes and our eyeliner products

How to remove your lashes & liner:

Items you need:

🖤 Your favourite eye makeup remover (or face wash)
🖤 Cotton pads
🖤 Cotton bud

Removal of the liner is for both Magnetic Eyeliner and also Dollbaby Duo Pen (Lash Adhesive):

girl removing lashes

1. Starting at the outer corner of your eye, gently peel off the lashes in one smooth & steady movement.

Girl removing eyeliner with a cotton pad

2. Using your favourite makeup remover, soak a cotton pad and gently press against the eye to help break the liner down. If using a face wash, clean face as you usually would paying extra attention to the eyes. Rinse off and repeat.

Girl removing eyeliner with a cotton bud

3. For smaller areas, use a cotton bud.

How to clean your lashes:

Items you need:

🖤 Cotton buds
🖤 Clean Towel
🖤 Alcohol or oil-free eye makeup remover

Cleaning instructions are for both Strip and Magnetic Lashes.

Dollbaby London Vegan 'Angel' lashes on a towel how to clean your lashes

1. Place your lashes on a clean towel and dip the cotton bud in alcohol or oil-free eye makeup remover.

Dollbaby London Vegan 'Angel' lashes cleaning with a cotton bud

2. Swipe the cotton bud gently over lash band to remove any makeup or magnetic/adhesive build-up.

Dollbaby London vegan 'Angel' lashes clean with a cotton bud

3. Finish by using another cotton bud dipped in warm water to clean off any makeup or mascara from the lashes.

Dollbaby London vegan 'Angel' lashes drying on a towel - how to clean your lashes

4. Arrange them back into their shape and let them air dry on a towel.

Dollbaby London storage box with lashes advice on how to clean and store your lashes

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