Magnetic Eyeliner & Lashes Kit Tips and FAQ's

What is The Glue-Less Magnetic Liner & Lashes Kit?

The Dollbaby London Magnetic Liner & Lashes Kit as seen on ITV This Morning and Cosmopolitan; is our new No-Glue lash system to give you fuss-free fluffy lashes in a flash!  
If you struggle to apply lashes with glue or just want fast and easy lashes; this kit is designed for you!

See Video Tutorial Below For Full Demo on How to Apply

How to Apply in 3 Simple Steps:

1) Make sure eyelid is free from oil by dusting with powder or applying over the top of eyeshadow.  For best results use an eye makeup primer.  Then apply the liner to the eyelid like a regular eyeliner and allow to dry.  Then apply a second coat (this step is important)


2) Trim off any excess ends of the eyelash bands with scissors.
Starting with the inner corner of the lashes, apply each eyelash on top of the magnetic liner where your pupil starts (not too close to the inner eye) and the lashes will softly click onto the liner.  Press the eyelash down firmly once you have them in place.  Repeat for the other eye


3) You're done!



  • Shake eyeliner well before use
  • Make sure your eyelids are free from oil by dusting with powder or applying over eyeshadow or eye makeup primer. (The eyeliner will not work on oily eyelids)
  • Trim off any excess ends of the eyelash bands before application
  • Try gently bending the eyelash bands before first use to aid in easier application
  • Always apply two coats of the magnetic eyeliner for extra magnetism

Waterproof & Smudge-Proof (also Latex-free & Cruelty-free)

Our magnetic eyeliner is cruelty-free, latex-free waterproof and smudgeproof.  It's not going anywhere until you want to remove it!  Although it is not stubborn and is easily removed with a face cleanser / makeup remover


The Wind Test!

They will not blow off! Our magnetic eyeliner is embedded with effective cosmetic grade magnetic particles that will keep your lashes in place all day!


Strong Secure Hold That Lasts All Day!

As long as you apply two coats of the magnetic eyeliner, you can be assured a strong hold to keep your lashes in place all day long!

dollbaby london magnetic eyeliner demo  dollbaby london magnetic eyeliner and lashes demo gif  dollbaby london magnetic eyeliner strong hold demo gif

How to Remove

Removal is easy!  Just gently pull the lashes off and remove the eyeliner with makeup remover



I got the magnetic lashes for my daughter who has alopecia, they’re fab if you have no natural lashes of your own and easy to apply. Thanks Dollbaby London  
Leah McGregory

Dollbaby London magnetic lashes are the best!
~ Charlotte Hotchin

I didnt think they would work but they stayed on all day even after a gym workout!
~ Tina Howie

I would definitely recommend Dollbaby London.  The magnetic lashes kit has changed my whole appearance.  Amazing quality and affordable.  Love them!
~ Debbie Hill


Our Magnetic Liner & Lashes Kit in Action!

VC: @makemeupmissa


Wearing magnetic eyeliner, lashes or magnets inside an MRI machine can cause injury to the skin. Always remove magnetic eyeliner and lashes before an MRI scan


Q) I've heard of magnetic lashes before. How is this different?

A) Traditional magnetic lashes rely on the 'sandwich' technique that clamp together over your natual lashes. With those you need a total of 2-3 sets per eye! With the Dollbaby London Magnetic Liner & Lashes Kit, the eyeliner is magnetic and just one upper lash strip is all that is required. The lash strip magnetises to the eyeliner with a soft click and holds in place all day! Unlike traditional magnetic eyelashes, our lash system is fast, simple and comfortable

Q) How many wears will I get out of this kit?

A) Lashes approx 30 wears each set / Eyeliner approx. 40-80 uses depending on how often you use it

Q) Will the lashes blow off in the wind?!

A) Nope! We have road-tested them outside and they didn't budge. They also passed our full blast hairdryer test (see vid's above!)

Q) Will the lashes stay on all day?

A) Yes! As long as you put TWO COATS of the liner on (this is an important step), your lashes should stay on all day 

Q) How do I clean the lashes?

A) As glue is not used on the lashes, you will not need to clean them regularly. But if you do find you need to clean them, you can do so using an oil-free makeup remover

Q) Are the lashes Vegan friendly?

A) Yes.  Both sets of lashes included in the kit are faux-mink and Vegan friendly

Q) Is the eyeliner Latex-Free 

A) Yes.  Our magnetic eyeliner is latex-free and cruelty-free


If you have any questions at all dont hesitate to reach out to us via our online chat or email: