5 Top Tips For Healthy Natural Eyelashes

I cant remember a time when false eyelashes such as mink eyelashes, silk, velour and human hair eyelashes were so popular and in demand as they are today!  

The desire for long luscious eyelashes is as prominent now than it's ever been.  With today's "Want it now" culture, we simply just go out and buy our eyelashes in strips to stick on, or alternatively pay extortionate prices for eyelash extensions to be installed!

With that being said, we here at Dollbaby London are just as guilty with our go out and buy 'em mentality (especially being surrounded by beautiful eyelashes all day!)  However, it is still vitally important to take care of your natural eyelashes in between installs and strip lashes to keep them long and strong!

Afterall, we take good care of our head hair, so why not our eyelash hair too? 

So, here we have complied 5 top tips for you to keep your natural eyelashes healthy and strong:

1.  Remove Eye Make Up Before Bedtime

lady removing eye make up

Now this is a rule that we all know we should abide by, but lets face it, after a good night out we just can't be bothered!

Leaving make up around the eyes not only clogs the pores of the already fine and delicate skin around them, but mascara is very dehydrating to your eyelashes.  Left on overnight can make your eyelashes feel dry and crispy and prone to weakening.  

Remove your eye make up with an eye make up remover using a soft cotton wool pad.  Always opt for an eye make up remover that is alcohol free to prevent drying out your lashes.

2.  Moisturise Eyelashes With Castor Oil

castor oil for eyelash growth

Castor Oil works wonders on eyelashes as it keeps lashes well moisturised and stimulates hair growth.  

Castor Oil is a holy grail product for those of you with fine sparse lashes as it's proven to encourage hair growth.  Just allow 8-10 weeks to see results.

There are many reports of Castor Oil being used to help hair to grow all over the body including head and eyebrows!  

Apply with your fingertips or use a clean mascara wand to get right from root to tip.

3.  Go Easy With the Eyelash Curlers

using eyelash curlers

Eyelash curlers are fab for getting that sexy wispy C tip, but can be so damaging to weaker eyelashes to the point of just snapping off!

If you must use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes, go gentle and don't clamp down too hard trying to get a super curl!  It could backfire and leave you with your eyelashes stuck in the eyelash curlers instead of on your eyelids! ARRGHHH!

If you must use them, be gentle and squeeze gradually and always use BEFORE mascara.

To create a sexy flirty flick, opt for some strip eyelashes instead which come in all styles, sizes and volume to suit your every mood.

4.  Lend a Gentle Hand

rubbing your eyes

Avoid rubbing your eyes and wiping them harshly with rough tissues/napkins.

If your eyes feel itchy, gently pat with your ring finger (this applies the lightest pressure).  Or if your eyes water, gently pat with a soft tissue and avoid restaurant napkins at all costs as they're way too abrasive.

5.  Watch Your Diet

eating junk food

What we eat has a huge impact on our hair nails and skin.  Your diet choices affect your eyelashes just like it affects the rest of your body.  

If your body doesn't get the nutrients that it needs, your hair will grow slower and thinner.  It's that simple.  Incorporate plenty of water into your diet and eat healthy foods that contain proteins and vitamins to ensure your body gets the vitamins and nutrients that it needs.

Vitamin supplements such as Biotin and Vitamin C, B, E and H are great for hair and also stimulate hair growth.

Incorporating all of the above should lead you on the right path to long, healthy and strong natural eyelashes.  Remember to allow 8-12 weeks to see results!

Tell us what you do to keep your eyelashes tip top in the comments below!

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  • Ann – We agree completely! A healthy diet is vital for all hair growth. Castor Oil is amazing too. Many use it on their eyebrows and head to stimulate hair growth. Thanks for sharing your tips! DbL

    Dollbaby London
  • Food is very important, – I wish every woman realized that. :) My eyelashes always become better-looking after regular eating of seafood and avocados. I also use Cherish Lash serum and sometimes castor oil. I believe expressive eyes are very important :))


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