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Vamp Magnetic Lashes & Liner Set

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  • Are you sick of your short, sparse, or damaged lashes? Looking for an easier way to apply lashes at home?

    You can stop your search! You've just found magnetic lashes that you can apply in minutes or even seconds!  Just Line-Lash-Dash! No more rushing to get ready and you wont believe the transformation when you look in the mirror!

    Our multi-award winning Magnetic Liner & Vamp lashes set is the UK's first and original glue-free, fuss-free lash system created for those who struggle to apply lashes with glue.  Get ready to take your short, sparse, or damaged lashes from blah to beautiful in minutes!

    Simply line your eye with the magnetic eyeliner and our fluffy magnetic lashes will softly click onto the liner!  It's that easy, no mess, no stress just Line-Lash-Dash!

    You will look beautiful and FEEL different.  You'll stand taller when you see the transformation in the mirror;   Gorgeous - Beautiful - Powerful - Confident but still you!  All in a matter of minutes.  

    Our lashes are luxurious, full, fluffy and fuss-free, also reusable. Just wearing them on their own with a slick of lip gloss will change your whole look in a beat!  

    You can also have peace of mind knowing, we don't just 'claim' to be Vegan.  We are fully certified by Vegan Society and you will find their sunflower logo on our products. 

    Give yourself the luxury of beauty and time that you deserve!  Stop spending an hour on makeup that makes you feel 'meh', when you can look and feel incredible using just two products in this kit!

    Best bit is, you can apply our lashes by yourself, from the comfort of your bedroom, no salon required! - yay!

    Once they're on, they're going nowhere until you're ready to remove them by gently peeling them off!

    This kit has everything you need to apply your own luxurious celebrity lashes at home.

    Reusable 40+ times when handled with care

    1 x Dollbaby London Signature Magnetic Eyeliner
    1 x Vamp Magnetic Eyelashes
    1 x Eyelash Applicator

  • Dollbaby London are a Vegan brand - Certified by the Vegan Society

Vamp Magnetic Lashes & Liner Set
Black Applicator - £34.95
  • Black Applicator - £34.95
  • Gold Applicator - £34.95

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