Magnetic Eyeliner & Lashes Application

We want you to love and enjoy your new Dollbaby London Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Kit.  To help you get the most out of this lash system, we have created a quick tip guide which should help you acheive the most effective application:

Application Quick Tip Guide

  • Shake eyeliner well before use
  • Eyelids MUST be free from any oil, otherwise the magnetic eyeliner will not be effective.  The liner needs to be applied to a 'base' on your eyelid, not on your naked eye.  Either use an eye makeup primer or foundation/concealer and face powder as a base or apply on top of eyeshadow 
  • Make sure the line you draw is thick enough to absorb the magnets on each eyelash. If line is too thin, the magnets cannot grasp onto the magnetic liner. (But dont worry the lash will cover the line once applied)

  • A minimum of two thin coats of the eyeliner must be applied (hooded eyes may require three coats)
  • Place lashes onto the last coat of magnetic eyeliner while it's tacky but NOT wet (after approx 20-30 seconds) When positioned, press eyelashes down firmly in place
  • Make sure lashes fit your eye width.  If lashes are too wide for your eye they will lift at the ends.  So snip off the outer ends to fit your eye correctly.  (Only trim one lash down to size at a time and test before cutting any more).  Its better the lashes are slightly narrower than your natural eye width than too wide

  • Add an extra (thin) coat of eyeliner to the areas that lift like inner / outer corners and allow to dry before placement.  

  • Do not place lashes too close to the inner corners of the eyes

  • Bend each eyelash into a horse shoe shape a few times before applying to help with flexibility and shape
When the liner is dry, the lashes are not repositionable.  If you remove the lashes, you will need to touch up your magnetic liner if you take them off and want to put them back on again

You can find our help guide on this link below which includes image and videos: