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How to Apply Your Falsies

Step 1: Apply Mascara to Create Support

Apply mascara to your natural lashes.  Just a single coat will create a shelf to help support the weight of your falsies

Step 2: Cut Your Falsies to Fit Your Eyelash Line

Using tweezers, pick up the extension and lift to your eye to compare size of the extension to the size of your eye.  If the extension is wider than your natural lash line - snip off the excess

Step 3: Add Eyelash Glue to The Falsies

Trace each lash band with a very thin line of eyelash glue and wait around 50 seconds for the glue to become tacky

Step 4: Stick em On

Using tweezers or your fingers (we prefer tweezers!) place your eyelash extension in the centre of your eye on top of your natural lash line and press down to secure.  Then gently press down the outer corner followed by the inner corner (near tear duct).When pushing down the inner corners, avoid going too close to the tear duct.  Not only will it feel uncomfortable, but it is more likely to lift and will make eyes appear narrower.

Tip:  For an eye lifting effect; place the outer part of the extension just above the natural lash line

Step 5: Apply Another Coat of Mascara

Finally; apply another coat (or two!) of mascara to blend your natural eyelashes and the extensions together to create a flawless look.

Then.... BAM!

....You're Ready to Roll!!

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