dollbaby london lush mink eyelashes

'Lush' Thin Band Med Volume Tapered Mink Eyelashes

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  • Our 'Lush' mink eyelashes feature an ultra thin lash band for a seamless lash line blend
  • Medium volume, our 'Lush' eyelashes are versatile enough for you to wear for work, gym, or after work cocktails
  • Our 'Lush' eyelashes are 3D, tapered and graduate into a slight wing effect.  The babies to our popular 'Flirt' eyelashes!
  • Featuring feathery tips, our 'Lush' mink eyelashes are feminine, flirty yet understated.  Taking you from day to date in a blink!
  • Includes eyepoppin' luxury patent travel storage box to keep your lashes clean and safe from damage

Product pictures are our own so you will get what you see in our images here (bearing in mind all our lashes are made by hand and not machine so some slight variations to be expected)

Dollbaby London Mink Eyelashes are hand made and CRUELTY FREE.  They are created using individual pre-shedded Siberian Mink fur hairs.  No animals are ever harmed in the process