'Queen' Platinum Tapered Wispy Eyelashes With Invisible Band

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  • Dollbaby London 'Queen' eyelashes are a feast for the eyes!  With a sexy criss cross gradient effect from inner eye to outer corners, 'Queen' will unleash your wicked side! 
  • 'Queen' feature a transparent invisible lash band that melts into your lash line, giving you a seamless lash line blend with just the right volume and without the need for a top liner. Giving you the look of a provocateur without the overkill
  • From our Platinum collection, each individual eyelash is stacked with alternating crisscross lengths, giving you eye poppin' feathery tips!
  • 'Queen' features low volume at the inner eye, finishing off with outer corners that pack volume!  This tapered style makes them easy to apply and easier to wear
  • Comes in the Rolls Royce of luxury packaging / re-usable box to keep your mink lashes pristine

Product pictures are our own so you will get what you see in our images here (bearing in mind all our lashes are made by hand and not machine so some slight variations to be expected)