'Santorini' Feathered and Wispy Eyelashes With Crisscross Roots

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  • Dollbaby London 'Santorini' lashes feature the Rolls-Royce of feathered tips and are in a wispy league of their own!
  • Featuring an extra thin lash band and of medium volume, our 'Santorini' lashes are understated yet full giving you the ultimate wispy fluffy flutter
  • Natural enough for daytime, flirty enough for date night. Add a light coat of mascara and you're ready for cocktail hour!
  • Includes storage case to keep your lashes clean and safe from damage
  • Adhesive NOT INCLUDED 

Product pictures are our own so you will get what you see in our images here (bearing in mind all our lashes are made by hand and not machine so some slight variations to be expected) 


My fave lashes and amazing Miami dupe!
Tina Howie  - London