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'Chic' Platinum Natural Curled Tip Eyelashes

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  • Dollbaby London 'Chic' eyelashes are from our platinum collection
  • 'Chic' are your Monday-Friday eyelashes.  Team them with your 9-5 working week, study days, the gym, school run or lunching with the girls
  • Ideal for weddings, the races or daytime events where you want to look chic but not overdone
  • 'Chic' features a tapered shape and gradual gradient in volume.  Starting from low density at the inner eye that tapers beautifully into a stunning curled flick tip
  • When you're in the mood for a soft make up look, reach for Chic
  • Includes luxury patent re-usable box to keep your mink lashes pristine

Product pictures are our own so you will get what you see in our images here (bearing in mind all our lashes are made by hand and not machine so some slight variations to be expected)