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Dollbaby Duo - UK's First Lash Adhesive Eyeliner Pen

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  • One pen, two minutes, no magnets, any lashes!  Lash adhesive eyeliner.  Our multi-award winning ‘Dollbaby Duo Pen’ is about to rev up your eyelash game!  As seen in Cosmopolitan and The Metro (lashes are not included)
  • We're the first brand to launch this revolutionary product in the UK!  The worlds first non-magnetic 2-in-1 eyeliner and eyelash adhesive.
  • Use with ANY Non-Magnetic Eyelashes: All you need is your Dollbaby Duo Pen, any set of non-magnetic strip lashes and you’re ready to line lash & dash! Fuss-free, fast & easy and no sticky mess!
  • One hand application in two quick steps: line your eye like a regular top liner, then apply your lashes directly onto the adhesive liner and press down firmly – that’s it!  Eye is lined, lashes applied in two simple steps
  • No drying time necessary!  Unlike traditional eyelash glue where you must wait for it to get tacky before application, with Dollbaby Duo Pen, lashes are ready to be applied right away for a strong lasting hold
  • On the Go Application: With one hand you can now apply your lashes anytime, anyplace anywhere!  In the car (when parked!), at the office, outside the school gate after dropping the kids off, at the gym or in the bar. You decide!
  • Do you have limited time in the mornings?...  Running late for nights out? … Don't like a full face of makeup at the gym but still want some lashes on?.... You have two choices;  1) go without any lashes or 2) pop your lashes and Dollbaby Duo Pen in your handbag and head out the door, applying your lashes en-route!
  • The precision tip will give you smudgeproof, waterproof wings of a pro with ease! Giving you a sleek and precise application every time 
  • Prefer a more natural look?  Select our Dollbaby Duo Pen in ‘Clear’ for fluffy lashes with no visible eyeliner or 'Brown' for something in between
  • The luxurious sleek and smooth design of Dollbaby Duo, is beautiful to carry around and a compact size for your handbag
  • Available in Black, Brown or Clear (transparent)
  • Works with ANY NON-MAGNETIC LASHES so your options are endless 
  • Removal is easy: Gently pull lashes off and remove eyeliner with makeup remover
  • Waterproof, smudgeproof, vegan, cruelty free and latex free
  • Don’t leave home without it!
  • NOTE: Store your Dollbaby Duo Pen upright to allow constant product flow to the tip
  • Always conduct a skin patch test before using this and any new product

What’s in the Box:
1 x Dollbaby Duo Pen (lashes are not included)
(Will give you between 40-60 applications depending on how often you use it)
Always make sure lid is kept firmly on and try to keep the pen upright so the liquid can flow downwards to the tip.

Directions: a) line the eye as you would a regular eyeliner, b) wait a few seconds c) apply a second coat and immediately the lashes will stick securely to the eyeliner! Select any eyelash style from light and natural to full & fluffy here  (without magnets)

Removal:  Gently peel off the lashes and wash eyeliner off with makeup remover

Ingredients: Styreneacrylate copolymer, Aqua, Propanediol, Polyvinyl alcohol, polysorbate 80, phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexl Glycerin, Octanol, Ci77499

Dollbaby Duo - UK's First Lash Adhesive Eyeliner Pen
Black - £19.95
  • Black - £19.95
  • Clear - £19.95
  • Brown - £15.95

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